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GB 2761-2017National food safety standard Maximum levels of fungaltoxin in food

This database is developed according to the standard text of National food safety standard Maximum levels of fungaltoxin in food(GB 2761-2017). The query results are for reference only.

This standard stipulates the indicators for maximum levels of Aflatoxin B1, Aflatoxin M1, Deoxynivalenol, Patulin, Ochratoxin A and Zearalenone in foods.

1  Terms and Definitions

1.1 Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins refer to the secondary toxic metabolites produced during the growth and reproduction of fungi.

1.2 Edible parts

Edible parts refer to the usually edible parts obtained after the inedible parts of food raw materials have been removed by mechanical means (such as grain milling, fruit peeling, nut shelling, meat and fish bone removal, shellfish shelling and so on).

Note 1: No non-mechanical means (such as the refining process for unrefined vegetable oil) may be adopted in the removal of inedible parts.

Note 2: When the same raw material is used to produce different products, the amount of the edible parts will vary depending on the production process. For example, when wheat is made into oatmeal or whole-wheat flour, the edible part is calculated as 100%; when wheat is processed into wheat flour, the edible part shall be calculated according to flour yield.

1.3 Maximum levels

Maximum levels refer to the maximum permissible levels of mycotoxins in edible parts of the food raw materials and/or finished food products.

2 Application Principles

2.1 Regardless of whether or not maximum levels of mycotoxins have been formulated, food producers and processors shall adopt control measures so that the content of mycotoxins in food reaches the lowest level.

2.2 This Standard lists mycotoxins that may pose a relatively great risk to public health; foods for which a maximum level has been formulated are foods which have a greater impact on consumers in terms of dietary exposure.

2.3 The Food Category (Name) Description (Annex A) is used to define the applicable scope of the maximum levels of mycotoxins and only applies to this Standard. When the maximum limit of a certain kind of mycotoxins is applied to a certain kind of food category (name), then all types of food within said food category (name) are applicable, unless otherwise specifically provided.

2.4 The maximum levels of mycotoxins in food are calculated as regards the usually edible parts of the food,unless otherwise specifically provided.